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5 years of Fitzgerald - no celebration - we miss you

Dear guests,

We were so looking forward to informing you about our 5-year anniversary in this newsletter; we would have liked to celebrate this with you. Our adventure started in March 2015, now we are facing uncertain times.

Five years of hard work and pleasure with one another. Learning through trial and error, taking steps, having fun. So many wonderful moments we have experienced with you in those 5 years. The result is a great and fun restaurant to work and to enjoy.

We would have liked to offer you a beautiful Anniversary Menu, because we are so proud of these past years and of you as our guests.We have learned you not only come from the Netherlands, but also from abroad. So many guests visited us from all over Europe, Asia, North America, South America and even occasionally from Oceania or Africa.

The dream we had at the start became reality
. Namely being able to welcome a mixture of guests from all over the globe, in a casual atmosphere, who share our passion for very good food and wines. Fitzgerald has become an international restaurant par excellence.

Now all of us, and you too, have been hit hard by the Corona crisis. You can no longer work and travel as you are used to. You probably know people who have become sick to a greater or lesser extent. It has often been quieter on the streets lately. These are unreal times. You can also no longer go out or enjoy one of your favorite restaurants. They miss you; we miss you.

We and our entire chain of specialized suppliers have been hit hard. We only work with small specialists, each in their field. Whether it concerns particularly beautiful meat, fish, unknown vegetables or unique wines. They are specialists with passion. And they have also lost almost every part of their business. That we cannot support them enough hurts us.

Fortunately, we see that the government shows a lot of ambition to lend a helping hand to entrepreneurs during this period. We appreciate that and hope that the implementation will take place soon.

You know, of course, Fitzgerald is also closed. We have considered setting up takeaway and / or delivery service to continue serving you one way or another. The guidelines of the R.I.V.M. and a few other considerations, however, were sufficient reason for us not to do so now.

How can you keep in touch with us as long as we are closed and how can you help us overcome this difficult time? Here some possibilities:

Buy our GIFT CARD "Beyond the Silence". Indicate what amount you want to order; € 100 / € 200 / € 300 and so on. As a thank you, we will provide you with € 25,- extra for every € 100, - you order. Mail us your contact details and any perhaps invoice requirements to and we will organize this as soon as possible. This voucher will be valid indefinitely.

If you have any wine wishes or are looking for special wines
where we can help you, please email us what we could do for you: and provide your contact details. We will then contact you and will be happy to help with special wines that we will source from our favorite suppliers.

We really appreciate your help.

We miss you and wish you good health for now.

See you soon!